Fountain of Youth

The fountain of youth is a lengendary spring of water that reputedly restores youth to anyone who drinks it.  Tales of the magical fountain have been told for thousands of years.  Stories of such fountains in Florida, the Bahamas, Ethiopia, and  Jerusalem have been chronicled over the years.  Such waters are said to have curative properties.   Makeup and cosmetic companies often exploit such fountain of youth fairy tales when they market their beauty products.  For example, there are organic makeups that contain supposedly curative minerals from the dead sea.  Even water from certain areas of the world are tauted as having life prolonging properties, and sold as anti-aging drinking water.

Fountain of youth lives on as a metaphor for anything that can potentially increase ones longevity.  Many a movie and novel use the foutain of youth as a plot device in stories and tales where the heros reverse the aging properties and live forever.  Through out history, people have always sought magical ways to restore their youth.  Photographs of the fountain are pervasive in famous artwork as well.  The photo shown is by artist Eduard Veith and it shows a beautiful scene at the Fountain of Youth.   The photograph is by Fine Art Photographic, Library/CORBIS.  The mythical fountain will always be of interest to women as they seek ways to restore their youth. 

In modern times, women are utilizing plastic surgery to reverse the signs of aging.  Of course, plastic surgery can only make a person look younger, not be younger.  Eating superfoods with high anti-cancer and health benefits, juicing, vitamins, and certain foods are also tauted as having fountain of youth properties.  Minimizing stress and anxiety is also said to help.  Some studies state that married couples or couples in love live longer.  You’ll often notice that happily married couples die in short timing of one another, often within a year.  It is a well known fact that healthy nutritional and lifestyle habits prolong longevity yet there is no way to predict ones ultimate demise.  Beauty and desirability are strongely linked to youth, so the search for that mythical fountain is not likely to end anytime soon.

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