Five super foods sure to enhance your magical Beauty

While you are waiting for your beauty spell that you cast take hold, be sure to eat these five super foods. Whether your beauty spell is successful or not, these foods are sure to increase your health and beauty. They are nature’s miracle foods and work just as well as any spell you could conjure. Eat them regularly to feel and look more beautiful.

Nuts. Nutritionists always recommend that you eat nuts. They are high in natural fiber. What the fiber does is slow down your digestive process. That will keep you feeling full and help you avoid afternoon pigouts. As long as you are not allergic, incorporate almonds, cashews, walnuts and others into your regular diet.

Yogurt. Yogurt typically has vitamin D and can also improve your digestion. If you want to get really healthy about it look for the brands that have active cultures. As long as you can tolerate dairy, incorporating yogurt into your diet can help your health and prevent osteoporosis or the bones.

Whole Grains. If you eat refined grains like pasta and white rice it is time to cut back. These grains lose most of the nutritional punch from the refining process. Switch over to whole wheat or whole oat break, and natural grains such as brown rice and quinoa. This will help reduce fat storage in your stomach and lower abs. A sexy witch has a flat stomach and six pack abs!

Onions. Onions might make your break smell awful but they are magically good for you none the less. Add onions to sandwiches, toasted concoctions and stir fry food that you cook to get in your daily dose. Strong onions may reduce symptoms of asthma and even reduce the risk of developing stomach cancer.

Greens. Leafy greens are hands down one of natures miracle foods. They are super high in folate and vitamins A and C. That reduces your risk of cancer and is a great dietary magic spell for any woman. Not only that, leafy greens can help prevent high blood pressure and diabetes. Don’t forget to have that kale, swiss chard, or some spinach. If you hate greens as a salad or side dish, you can sneak them in to your diet by eating vegetable stir-fry or veggie soup. You can also add a few greens onto your lunch sandwiches.

You’ll read about the magical properties of garden vegetables and herbs and their use in witchcraft spells. However there is often little said about consuming an organic and healthy diet that includes those foods. As a witch you’ll know so much about herbs and plants that it should be easy to apply that knowledge of the earth’s natural elements to your diet. Take advantage of what you know about organic ingredients. A healthy witch is a beautiful witch.

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