First, seek to understand. Then, seek to be understood.

Are you wanting to find a spell that attracts him to you? Be careful when looking for love and attraction spells that your motives are pure. One of the greatest ways to attract a man is simply to understand him. It isn’t always about you and what you have to offer someone. It can be more about becoming a soft receptive woman who draws a man in closer naturally. When spell hunting, don’t just consider you, you, you when casting an attraction or love spell. It isn’t all about you. Strive to become more open and receptive to a man and you will find greater success with men in general.

One big secret of attraction

Women who are able to build and maintain close, fulfilling, and trusting relationships in their lives share one big secret. They seek to understand before they seek to be understood. This magic relationship secret can help your relationship blossom and survive through thick and thin. If you strive to understand him your relationship will bloom. Men are terrified of women who seem to turn nasty on a dime. If you have hidden anger and it rears its head, it will only drive him away. If he crosses you and you get spiteful, he knows you are not emotionally soft and stable. Anger that exists under your exterior and bubbles up and over will scare him away from involvement.

Drop the cynicism and baggage from past relationships

You might be a woman who has already tried to understand others and feel that it isn’t all it is cracked up to be, to do so. In fact you might feel like being a so-called giver leaves you at the mercy of others because of it. The danger is that this attitude that giving does not work can make you cynical. Especially in relationships you might feel that being more understanding simply gets you walked all over. If you’ve been a giver and it got you no where you could become very harsh when it comes to love. You might think that people who are more selfish are actually the ones who more often got what they wanted and had it easy in life.

One of the biggest secrets of attraction is to always seek to understand. Even if it has failed in the past, you should drop any cynicism that may have taken root in your soul. Start anew, and seek to understand others before you can expect them to understand you. Do not allow yourself to remain or become cynical or selfish because it will only drive away your love prospects. All cynicism represents is baggage from the past and you need to just let it go. When you apply your seek to understand, try to do that in the present. Seek to understand him now. Do not hold any past conditions or anger over him. Improving your relationship can be as easy as improving the present moment with him.

If you’re not seeking to understand him, you’re going to do all kinds of things to sabotage yourself and get in the way of your own success with men. You’ll start feeling needy or unappreciated and want the man to take over and make things happen for you. You’ll start levying expectations and holding resentments, rather than trying to understand where he is coming from and what he is experiencing with you. Don’t make this mistake and miss out on the love and connection that’s possible for you in your relationship with him.

Change his outlook instantly, by how you act towards him

Do you want to create a big shift in your relationship that throws it back into the positive and happy place it once was? Drop the cynicism, baggage and anger. If there is one thing you need to know about creating attraction with men it is that you can change their mood and outlook towards you in a moment’s time by how you act around them. You have the power to change his mood and trigger intense attraction in him.

Seek to understand him by putting aside your needs and by focusing attention on him. Soften up to him and drop the harsh shell that may surround you. Relax and be positive, playful and fun. Listen to him rather than make demands on him. You can do this by merely shifting your communication to positive or upbeat. If you are near him offer a soft touch, or a playful hug, or even just a sexy smile.

Ask him how he is, and ask him about what he is up to. It doesn’t take much, other than giving him a little bit of positive sweet attention and offering a little patience. Men can divert their attention on you by getting more physical too. When men are focused on you they shift to a physical mode. You can be soft and gentle and this will be sure to get him onto your good side fast.  There is nothing a man loves more than a womans touch.

When he opens up, just listen

Women try to force a talk with a man in order to get him to focus on them. But often times, this completely backfires and he avoids such a talk. Forcing a talk will rarely work. There are other kinds of attraction that works even better for a man. Don’t assume that attraction works the same way for a man as it does for you. If you aren’t communicating successfully with him you will notice that efforts to corner him and talk to him about it will only make him stop sharing, close himself off to you, and become less expressive!

If your efforts to communicate just aren’t working, then try the secret of seeking to understand him first. That means, let him express his feelings in his own way and on his own time line. Try to soften up around him and when he does open up do not be critical, press him, or act needy. Instead, just try to let him talk and you listen. Soft physical attraction with a man can get you a positive emotional response too.

Stop being demanding and focus on enjoying time together

Becoming needy, wanting to talk, or acting intense and emotionally demanding him will rarely assist in building a stronger relation nor will it get you what you want, which is to be closer to him. Your goal should be to listen more and demand less. You won’t get to a more committed or connected place with him by trying to convince him to listen, or demanding that your relationship grow or be defined. This will only lead to an uphill battle and trigger all the distance and resistance that you are trying to avoid

Instead, create a peaceful ambiance where he can relax around you and open up without feeling interrogated. Go back to the simple things. A man is going to want to spend time with a woman that makes him feel good and whose company he thoroughly enjoys. You need to be that woman who he simply enjoys spending time with more and more.  Enjoying your company will be far more effective than twisting his arm and sitting him down for therapy, psychoanalysis,  and  relationship talks.  Being able to understand and listen rather than to expect and demand will help you move to a deeper relationship with him.

Seek to understand him

Women accidentally push men away from the things that will actually make then want to go deeper into a relationship. Being soft, understanding and a good listener can help you discover his emotions, his feelings, and tap into the love he can share with a woman all on his own. Each person, including your man, has their own favorite way to be loved and appreciated. It may not be in the same way that you expect. Once you realize this is a completely different person and that men don’t think or operate like women do, you can seek to understand him. He wants to feel honored, respected and appreciated in order to want to be involved in any long-term relationship.

Trust me that if you seek to understand your man before seeking to be understood by him, you will be more likely to get the love you seek. A spell that will curb your back-talk and make you more demure and soft and able to listen without speaking first, is more likely to succeed in making your love life blossom, than a spell that is meant to merely attract him! Remember, you hold the most power by being able to control yourself. Develop communication skills and the ability to seek to understand others by listening and understanding what their desires, dreams and needs are. You should get the success you seek in your love life. A true goddess will be able to understand her man and listen to him without overpowering him.

A goddess will seek to truly understand her man

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