Essential oils tips

Essential oils are very highly concentrated.  They must be used carefully.  For a particular essential oil be sure to read the label as each oil is derived from a unique botanical plant and you never know if any of them causes a sensitivity.  Be careful to follow the labels, warnings and cautions on essential oil bottles.

Pure essential oils typically come undiluted and bottled.  You never want to apply that directly to your skin.  You normally dilute the oil with a gentle skin care oil.  Use one to three drops of essential oil per each teaspoon of gentle skin oil or cream.  This should give you a good mixture.  If you shop at a health food store or aromatherapy store they usually mix the oils for you at the counter.  You can try one of their specialty combinations or create your own custom combinations.  They often have certain recipes that are known to be popular essential oil combinations.  It’s quite fun to design your own oil or cream and you can select fragrances that you adore.  Because the oils are derived from all different plants however, you need to be careful to skin test each oil as well as any custom oil or skin cream combinations that you concoct just to be safe.

You don’t want to ingest oils or utilize them in cooking.  They are primarily used for fragrance aromatherapy as an ingredient in spells, or as additives to skin oils and skin creams.  If you are using an essential oil for skin care be sure to keep the product away from your eyes, ears, and any delicate skin areas, cuts or thin mucous membranes.  You should always read the labels and even after that conduct a simple skin test.  The first time you use an essential oil product you should dilute a small amount as indicated and then apply just a touch of it to your inner arm.  Let stay for several hours and check your skin to be sure the application does not cause irritation.  Your skin should not get red and if it does gently wash it off and do not use the oil just to be safe.

Additional safety tips for essential oils are very important.  First of all, don’t leave open bottles near children or pets.  Keep the oils out of their reach.  If you are able to purchase essential oils with a safety cap then all the better.  If you have specific health issues, take medication, or are ill or pregnant use extra caution and consult your doctor before using oils to make sure they are safe to use.  Even natural and organic products can cause allergic reactions and skin sensitivities so don’t assume that oils can’t cause issues.

Essential oils are often used to accentuate aroma for specific witchcraft rituals. It is imperative that you check labels when using any essential oil for aromatic purposes. You don’t want to ignite a candle or create a flammable incident. Candle oil combined with essential oils can create dangerous mixtures so you must use the utmost care when using essential oils for witchcraft purposes.

Certain essential oils are flammable such as tea tree, lavender, and popular citrus oils so you have to keep all oils away from fire hazards. Don’t let the oils near candles or other flammable sources!  Essential oils are very volatile and do not mix with flames such as candles, incense or oil burning lamps.

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