Essential oil basic question is what are the Carrier Oils?

Are you interested in essential oils either as ingredients for witchcraft spells or for skin care and beauty purposes? This short article will set you straight on what carrier oils are if you don’t yet know.

You probably know that essential oils are highly concentrated extracts taken from plant sources. If the concentrated aromatics are put directly onto the skin they can really irritate or cause reactions. They are too strong to use directly. That is where the carrier oils come in. The carrier oils are used to dilute the essential into a form that is safe to apply to the skin. Since the carrier oil enables you to carry the essential oil onto the skin in a safer diluted form it’s called the carrier.

Carrier oils themselves offer different properties and the choice of carrier oil used is ging to depend on what thereaputic benefit you are seeking. Vegetable carrier oils are usually what is used for making lip balms, creams, natural skin lotions, body oils and bath oils. Examples of commonly used carrier oils would be coconut oil, avocado oil, jojoba, olive oil, almond or nut oil suck as kukui nut. There are also fruit carrier oils such as grapeseed or watermelon seed oil.

To make your custom aroma or skin care product you generally add only a few drops of the essential oil to your carrier oil. A typical mix would be drop or two of essential oil per each table spoon of carrier oil, although recipes vary depending on what you are using.

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