Dating a scorpio man


If you want to attract a Scorpio man and keep him interested in you, here are a few tips for the Wiccan goddess to do so.  First of all, you need to be passionate about your interests whether they be hobbies, work, witchcraft, or whatever rocks your world.  A Scorpio man appreciates a woman who is truly driven.  He is attracted to a woman who shows personal strength and endurance by volunteering or believing in a cause.  Whether you sell arts & crafts or run a big corporate business is not so important as much as being passionate about whatever you do.  Scorpio love women who are driven.

A Scorpio man can be charming but beware of his sting.  He can test you and he is very calculating. Don’t believe his laid back exterior because he notices everything.  Don’t insult him verbally or by your actions and whatever you do don’t betray him as he will become vindictive. You have to be honest with him because he will no doubt uncover cheating and lies and will not forgive or forget.  You need to be completely faithful for a Scorpio man to want to keep you around.

Scorpio men like mysteries.  You need to be intriguing to him. Do not volunteer information to the scorpion. Let him figure things out and inquire because he will ferret out everything he wants to know and while he is charming you, he will be sizing you up.   You must be on point and recognize when he is testing you and pushing boundaries.  If you aren’t paying attention he will run rings around you. 

Scorpio men love women who dress to tease but not to show everything. He wants a confident woman who is sexy and super exciting to be around.  Scorpions are excellent lovers so you better be sexy, provocative and seductive in the bedroom.  Because they like to uncover things you don’t want to dress too exposed in public but rather leave things up to the imagination.  In private, be ready for sexual transformation and exploration because a scorpion lover will push you to the limits.  Be prepared to please him in the bedroom because he is all man.

A Scorpio man needs to be in control. He gets what he wants, when he wants it.  You need to be able to give him plenty of alone time because he does not want to be controlled or smothered.  If you cross a scorpion he stings hard so you will be subjected to a moody outburst if you upset him or push him. You have to be able to withstand this harshness if you dare insult him or betray him.  You need to be strong emotionally in both heart and spirit.  Be a goddess who can allow her man to lead the way in the relationship.

If you want to keep dating a Scorpio man be prepared to keep him guessing and remain a bit mysterious.  Never flirt with other men because he expects total devotion.  Don’t always talk too much but do use your body language and flirtation to keep him tantalized.  Employing jealousy will never work with a scorpion he will leave you if he senses that you are playing games.  A Scorpio wants a woman with personal strength and endurance but at the end of the day he needs to be in charge.  If you want to keep a Scorpio you need to support his quest for power and success.

Get and keep a scorpio man

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