Cupid’s Arrow

Cupid is the god of desire, affection, and erotic love. In Roman mythology, he is Cupid. His Greek counterpart is Eros and in latin he is known as Amor. Cupid was the son of goddess Venus and god Mars. In photographs he is known the shoot his bow and inspire love in those afflicted. He personifies Valentines day, love and courtship.

The most famous legend of cupid is when Cupid’s mother became jealous of princess Psyche. Psyche means soul. Psyche’s followers were so loyal that they ignored Venus. Venus wanted to be worshipped so she had Cupid make Psyche fall in love with a vile monster. On his way to Psyche’s room to shoot her with the love arrow Cupid scratched himself with his arrow instead causing him to fall madly in love with her. The leader of the gods Jupiter gave Psyche the gift of immortality so that she could find Cupid and be with him. Cupid and Psyche had a daughter together who was named Voluptas or Hudone, which stood for morning pleasure.

Cupid is often portrayed as diapered winged boy or baby. He is armed with a bow and a quiver of arrows. He was set to carry two sets of arrows one to inspire romantic love and one to inspire hatred. It is said that if Cupid’s arrow hits you, you will fall hopelessly and madly in love with the next person you meet. Women who fall madly in love always describe themselves as having been hit with Cupid’s arrow.

Cupid does not figure prominently in witchcraft lore at all. His figure however is portrayed in tattoos, pewter pendants, dishes and cauldrons. When Valentine’s day approaches many hope for Cupid’s arrow to work magic on them and being them their true love called. Some prefer the instant gratification of a love arrow, however wiccans mostly believe that their love spells craft true love, not just a fascination. Followers is Wicca do not want to tamper with a person’s free will. Instead, their love spells are designed to open the requester to receive love.

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