Crystal Ball Feng Shui spell for romantic or relationship good luck will bring you good harmony

A crystal ball is believed by some witches to aid in the performance of clairvoyance.   The crustal ball is made of either crystal or glass.  Celtic druids first made use of crystals in divination.  During the medieval period dinivers used crystals to see into the past present or future as desired.  These fortune tellers were also known as psychics, gypsies, wizards or seers.

The first crystal balls here made from beryl which is a natural gemstone.  Then they were replaced by rock crystal as it is even more transparent as beryl.  Some witches claim to see images in the crystal which can help them make decisions in one’s life or gather information.  Other witches claim that by gazing into the ball that they clear their mind and thus events that will happen in the future can become known to them.

Seeing images of the future by looking into crystals is also known as scrying.  When this technique is used with crystals or similar transparent bodies to see the future, it is known as crystal gazing.  Never bring a real crystal ball into the direct sunlight as it can attract heat quickly and burn your hand or catch fire if placed next to flammable material.  Some witches claim that they can gaze into the crystal ball and have supernatural insights and visionary experiences.  Others, thing that the visions formulate in the subconscious mind of the crystal gazer.

 If you like crystal balls you can collect them as they are wonderful for feng shui good luck.  To bring yourself good luck with a crustal ball you will need to purify the ball in salt water for at least a week.  That removes all negativity attached to the ball.  Then place the ball in the South-west corner of your room or home.  This corner is connected to love, romance and relationships.  Since this corner has the earth element it is best energized by the crystal.  Use two quartz crystals or crystal balls for the maximum effect.

Feng Shui crystal ball feng shui good luck spell

  • You’ll need two crystal balls or genuine quartz crystals
  • Set each crystal ball into a deep bown with four to five spoons of salt
  • Let crystals sit for an entire week
  • Take crystal balls out and wash in clean water
  • Place back in empty bowls and set out in the sun to dry for three hours
  • During those hours use mental imagery to focus on what good luck you desire
  • Hold balls in left hand and cover with right once you’ve made your good luck wish
  • Your ball is now programmed and can be hung or set out in the south west corner of the room.

I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy feng shui spell using crystal balls for good luck.  If you are wishing for personal luck such as with romance, love or a relationship keep them in your bedroom.  If the luck you seek is family oriented, keep crystal balls out in the public area where your family gathers.  The energized crystal balls should bring good harmony into your home.

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