Coincidences and the power of synchronicity in witchcraft

Synchronicity is a philosophical concept about events in ones lives. Synchronicity occurs when two or more seemingly unrelated events occur that then makes them meaningful in some way. Jung first coined the word synchronicity as the temporaly coincident occurrences of acausal events.

Witches believe in synchronicity

Certain things might happen that an everyday person would just deem as coincidence. For example when people say that something came out of the blue, or jumped out at me, or that they just got lucky. If two unrelated events happen that together form a rather surprising coincidence, a witch doesn’t discount it as such. A witch believes that these events can be related and will recognize synchronicity.

If you look at the Wiccan rule of three, this core Wiccan tenet states that the worth of any good deed you do will be returned to you three times in this life. Similarly, any bad deed will be returned to you three times worse.  A witch knows that random good luck may in fact be related to a prior seemingly unrelated good deed.  Similarly, bad luck may not be coincidence but rather karma coming back to you.

The Wicca law of threefold return

The law of 3fold return is a core Wiccan tenet

Ever mind the rule of three
Three times your acts return to thee
This lesson well, thou must learn
Thou only gets what three dost earn

Wiccans see synchronicity clearly. For example, lets say you tease and taunt another woman calling her ugly or criticizing for example her body or skin. Shortly after, you wake up with a cancerous growth on your own body or skin. Is this a pure coincidence of two unrelated events? A witch would believe that the two events together are synchronicity. In this case the law of three fold return was at play. If you attack the beauty of another, your own beauty might be affected would be the conclusion of a witch.

Many people think Wiccans are evil but their belief  in synchronicity makes them far from it. Wiccans are well aware that their actions can have a seemingly unrelated consequence be it good or bad. They therefore avoid doing harm to people and are loathe to cast evil spells, criticize or wish bad luck on anyone.  Wiccans know that good deeds are magnified back to the doer but so are ill deeds.

Magical way of life

Many Pagans believe that synchronicity is aligned with a magical way of life. Witches are well aware of how seemingly irrelevant experiences can tie together in a meaningful way. For example, a witch will be in tune with their dreams and will look at any revealing messages or clues to learn a collective truth. They had that dream for a reason.

Wiccans also believe that events are interconnected sometimes through magical intent. Many spells focus on materializing wishes.   When casting a spell a witch will trust her intuition and visualize the desired results. An awareness of interconnected events can be empowering because the messages gleaned can serve as guidance. Events often have symbolism but while a regular person might not make much ado, a witch believes strongly that nothing happens by mere chance.

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