Chakra prayer beads

The use of beads can be meditative and meant for body wellness and healing along with other rituals.  Many religions and magical traditions make use of beads.  For example, the Catholic tradition uses the rosary believing that each bead represents a prayer.  Pagans might use the beads to honor the elements such as the changing seasons and the phases of the moon.  Celtics might use the beads to symbolize the realms of earth, sea and sky.  Wiccans might use beads to represent a particular goddess called a deity or deities.

I found some novel example of prayer beads for pagan wiccans, and absolutely love this photograph of prayer bead strands!  Some Wiccans use the Chakra beads as jewelry or for magical purposes.  The seven colors of the Chakras are mean to be utilized for healing meditations.  Some women simply wear the beads as good luck or for fashion purposes.  Wiccans often incorporate beads into their spell-work for magical purposes.

The different colors of the beads could symbolize anything from your beliefs, prayers, gods, elements of the earth, or your family heritage.  Some Wicca tradition uses three different colors of beads that represent the maiden, mother and crone aspect of the goddess.  Such triple goddess beads are used often in various Wiccan rituals and traditions.  The best thing about beads is that they look beautiful and have a sentimental value to the wearer. 

It’s always cool to have jewelry that means something to you rather than just being a random fashion statement.  Hopefully thoughtful use of beads brings you good health and good luck regardless of the particular religion you follow.  If nothing else, they look intriguing and pretty!

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