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Spell to grow your hair faster and longer


This spell should help you to grow your hair out faster and longer. If you can’t get your hair to grow past your shoulders or if your hair is very thin this Pagan hair spell should help. Remember to give yourself six full moons for the spell to take effect because it cannot grow overnight. It has to genetically grow yet this spell will definitely help it along.

Spell ingredients

  • lock of hair
  • favorite ceramic or glass bowl or dish
  • hair scissors

Hair grow faster and longer spell

To cast this spell you are going to cut a small amount of hair. Instead of the usual locket you are going to trim just the very, very tips of your hair. This will encourage all of those ends to grow for you.

Sprinkle the hair into a bowl of water by trimming over the bowl and catching the tiny ends of hair. This is going to be a miniscule hair trim all you need is a teeny, tiny clipping from all of your hair ends. You can place the bowl over a sink or cast this spell outside in the garden. As you trim and capture the very, very ends in the bowl make sure to bless the hair and water as the trimmed hair is gently falling into the bowl. You are going to be reciting the following spell the entire time while sprinkling the hair into the water.

Long hair, long hair, grow and flow like a river
Goddess make my hair keep growing quicker, quicker and quicker
These locks are blessed and grow the rest
Inner beauty be aware and shine right through to my long hair

You can recast this spell when you see the full moon for six months. Make sure to mark your hair length when wet and wait the entire six months to check again. To help the spell along, be sure to consume healthy foods and take excellent care of your body during this time. Make sure you consume plenty of fluids and follow a more Mediterranean diet that includes healthy oils such as olive oil. Do not cut your hair, simply let it grow. If you are bleaching or processing your hair you might want to give that a rest because you do not want the newly growing hair to simply break off due to split or dried out ends. Try using a non-damaging temporary hair dye or simply leave hair along altogether to give hair a chance to grow in.

Checking your hair daily will only frustrate you so just wait the six months and repeat each month at full moon during that time. When you check your hair at the six month point, it should be growing out quite nicely!

Grow hair faster and longer spell