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Pagan spell to grow your hair longer

This simple Wicca spell to help hair grow will encourage your hair to grow as fast as you want it to.  Remember you will brush and twist the hair as you chant the following hair Wiccan hair growth spell several times.  The gentle twisting will help to stimulate your scalp, distribute the natural oils of your hair, and encourage tingling refreshment of your roots and hair growth.

Wicca hair grow spell

Twist hair,
Make hair grow,
Long like a river,
Let my hair also flow,
Three times faster this hair shall grow.
This is my will.  So mote it be.

Wicca hair care spell instructions

Before trying the spell you should trim the ends of your hair ever so slightly to clean up the frayed ends. This will prevent splitting and breakage for the next few months. Section off the hair if it is different lengths and clean up the ends by twisting and snipping off just a teensy weensy amount of hair at the ends with a good sharp salon scissors.

For three months repeat the hair grow spell chant every day as you twist hair in sections gently with your fingers to encourage stimulation.  Be sure to take a photograph of your hair before you start the three month period. Take excellent and meticulous care of your hair during this three month period. Use a good hair shampoo and conditioner. Avoid processing, coloring, or over heating the hair. Gently finger separate hair to de-tangle and let dry naturally or with a dryer on low heat.

Deep condition the hair every single week by leaving a good condition on hair. Apply deep conditioner and wrap the hair in a warm towel. Sit in a warm bath for at least 20 minutes to let the conditioner do its work. The combination of the spell, the cleaning up of the ends, deep conditioning, and giving hair a rest from harsh styling treatments, your hair should grow! Take a photograph at the end of the three month trial as proof of progress.

Make sure to eat a very healthy diet during these three months and include natural softeners for skin and hair in your diet. Fish is packed with Omega, also include olive oil in your diet and Flax. Take a multivitamin as well, even a chewable multi-vitamin will get you vitamins A, E, B and other helpful nutrients. Drink plenty of fluids and stick to health foods such as fruits, vegetables and vegetarian protein. Your hair should grow about an inch. For a nice touch steep rosemary in hot water and let it cool down. Then use the rosemary water as your final rinse out when you wash your hair.

Spell to grow hair