Break-up & broken heart rule of three for witches


Has your romantic love partner lied to you, cheated on you, or betrayed you?  Are you looking for answers as to whether you should forgive him or break off the relationship and break up altogether?  Here in this blog post I describe a helpful goddess axiom that many witches hold dear for handling love and relationships. When a witch considers entering into or continuing on with a new love or romantic relationship (or even a close friendship), she chooses to practice the witch’s rule of three.

A strong witch has a core personal policy. She deserves to have her personal property, her emotional health, and her heart protected.  First and foremost, she deserves to be respected. If a romantic partner breaks this essential trust then a witch will always love herself more than an abusive partner. A goddess witch has solid and strong personal boundaries.

Witch’s rule of three

A strong witch will respect herself. When in a relationship she will practice the rule of three. When it comes to promises, commitments and personal responsibilities her romantic interest has, the rule of three reigns supreme.

Breaking a witch’s personal policy once can be viewed as a misunderstanding

If a witch’s partner breaks a promise or lies or completely neglects a responsibility to her one time, a witch should try to be forgiving to her partner. This break could be due to a misunderstanding.  A witch should give her romantic interest the benefit of the doubt for this first neglect.

Breaking a witch’s personal policy twice can be viewed as a serious mistake

If a witches partner breaks a promise or lies or neglects a commitment a second time then this can be viewed as a serious mistake. The witch should consider limiting the amount of potential harm her romantic partner can do. For example, if a serious mistake has been made the witch should protect her financial, personal, and emotional boundaries and take steps to guard her soul and her loved ones from corruption and pain.  She may choose to continue the relationship but she will remain watchful.

Breaking a witch’s personal policy for the third time

If a romantic partner or friend lies to a witch three times, she is dealing with an evil liar. Lies and deceit are the linchpins of evil behavior and demonstrate a lack of conscience in the guilty person.  This person is likely to betray the witch again and wreak further havoc.  A witch has strong personal boundaries and will cut her losses and get out as soon as she can from such evil behavior. Three times is enough for a witch to learn what she is dealing with.  Leaving is always difficult yet removing herself and preserving her self-respect is less costly than staying and trying to change someone.  A witch does not force change on anyone she only welcomes it and receives it.

A three-timer should not be in a witch’s personal life. A witch will not give her time, love, work, secrets, magic, money or affection to a three time loser. She knows that her valuable gifts will be utterly wasted on such an individual. After three deceitful and treacherous interactions a witch will protect herself first and foremost by removing herself from the path of evil.  She will not accept abuse out of fear that she will be left for someone else.  She values herself more than that and will not succumb to accepting poor behavior because she fears losing the person if she doesn’t.  She is not that weak.

A witch does not redeem the irredeemable

Second chances, third chances, and especially fourth chances, fifth chances and beyond, are saved only for the witch’s flesh and blood family. And even then, this loved one must have a conscience in order to be forgiven. If the witch realizes she is dealing with a psychopath with no conscience, she will cut her losses.

A witch does not attempt to try and change people who do not wish to be changed. Her love and forgiveness are directed towards those that have a conscience. If they do not and are incapable of human empathy, it is not the witch’s fault nor does it become her mission to change them. A witch’s mission is her own life.

A witch will only pity those that deserve that pity, pity is not to be given to a liar, theif, cheater, abuser or sociopath. A witch will not be tricked into feeling that she owes somebody something. This has been the plea of evil doers for centuries. She does not owe anybody anything. She acts out of love and reciprocates acts of kindness to those who are kind themselves.

A goddess witch will always defend her psyche first and foremost. She will be loving and kind but not make herself available to be taken advantage of. A witch will surround herself with individuals who have a conscience and are able to love and have empathy as she can. Other people who lack a soul and represent evil will not be part of her inner circle.

A goddess respects herself

If a witch has to break off with a person who has violated her three strike rule she will cut contact with that individual. She will live through the heart-ache and have no contact with evil that touches her. She will remove herself completely and disengage from the crazy dance of someone with evil intentions. A witch knows better than to interact with evil people. She knows that removing herself from the users treacherous reach and living well is the best revenge in that situation.

Break-up & broken heart rule of three for witches

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