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motivation-spell Have you lost your motivation and cannot seem to get it back?  Just know that if you have lost motivation it could signify a slight depression.  Depression makes it quite hard to get motivated.  You can definitely get your mojo back!  All you need to know is that the right spell could jump-start your motivation again.  Be warned that it can take three long days in order to snap out of a motivation slump.  During those days you are going to have to eat very healthy and get plenty of protein so that you juices start to flow again.  Try this motivation spell to kick-start your way back to the world of the go-getters.


  • Mint or lemon incense
  • Bright pen
  • Stationary or planner

The incense is going to get you a new sense of motivation so you are going to want a fresh and very invigorating scent such as mint, lemon, or something bright and fruity. Next, you are going to need your planner and a brightly colored pen. Light the incense, and then sit in a quiet area in the morning sun. You are going to write down exactly what you plan is for the next three days.

The plan should include positive activities that are going to help you get your life together, such as cleaning or completing errands that are still hanging over your head. The plan should also include healthy meals and drinks you plan to consume. Burn the scented incense the entire time you create your plan. Write the plan down on beautiful stationary or in a brand new planner that will signify the new leaf you are going to be turning over. Place your plan down and allow the incense to burn down completely, using a safe tray to capture the ashes. Chant this spell as the incense burns. Be sure to save he ashes.

I write this plan in the ink of brightest color Sun flood in, and make me into another. Sun light, sun-bright, remove the tired drain on my psyche. Renew my life, bright and filled with new sunshine. Burn incense burn and when you burn down and are gone, so will be my tired mood and my everlasting yawn. Harm no one but motivate one, to be the person she can become. Sunshine, happiness, a newly motivated me.  So mote it be!

To complete the spell, you will take the burned ashes each morning and sprinkle them onto your written plan to check off the things that you have followed in your plan. By the end of day three you should have taken care of many errands that you procrastinated, eaten healthy and become overall more motivated to succeed. Good luck and remember, the first three days are always the hardest when you attempt to regain motivation. You can definitely do it though, and this wonderful spell should help. Good luck!

Motivation spell

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