Black magic henna and tumeric spell for hex prevention

Are you afraid that an enemy will cast a witchcraft spell against you? This henna hex spell should help prevent them from casing a spell on them. It is offered considered to be an offensive spell so be cautious in using it. Not only will it let your enemies know who they are, it will create bad karma for you if used maliciously.

Your ingredient list

  • Henna paste
  • Tumeric
  • Fresh water
  • A bird feather

Mix the tumeric with the fresh water until it develops into a paste. Mix enough to create a deep pigment. Draw the name of the enemy on the bottom of your foot using the paste. Use the stem end of the feather to write with. If you don’t know their name then symbols will suffice to create a general protection.

Let the tumeric dry and then wipe clean. Now, go over the yellow stained tumeric areas with a colored henna paste. Again, let dry and scrape off. The double coating of color from the tumeric and water paste, and henna and water paste, should make a lasting tattoo on the bottom of your feet. As long as the stain remnant remains, you should be protected from your enemy.

If you have a specific enemy give thought to making amends with them to create positive karma. If you can make them merely an acquaintance rather than an enemy consider doing so. That way, you won’t to continue the magic hex protection. Think positively and don’t antagonize your enemy. Eventually, such haters will tire of you and move on to a new target.

To strengthen the potency of this spell, use well water or fresh spring water to mix the paste with, and create pastes of strong color. A raven’s quill feather or a crows used to apply the paste will also help to make the spell more potent.

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