Black cat love spell to bring Suitors

Are you longing to attract more suitors into your life in the hope of finding true love? Some cultures believe that black cats are good luck, while in others they can be considered to bring bad luck. Folklore has it that a lady who owns a black cat will have many suitors. In Celtic mythology the black cat is considered good luck, even though in western history they are reputed as evil omens. You may have heard the myth that if a black cat crosses your path it will be an omen of misfortune, death, or bad luck in the gambling casino. Don’t believe all the superstition as a loving black cat can actually be a lucky companion for a beautiful goddess!

While many believe that a black cat signifies bad luck, this spell will do the opposite and bring you good luck from your black cat. If you are looking for love, befriending a black cat will bring suitors to your doorstop with this spell! You must befriend a black cat such as your own pet, adoption, or perhaps a friends pet. You’ll need to pet the cat and if it sits happily and purrs with you during this spell all the better. If you befriend the black cat this good luck spell should bring suitors to your doorstop. You’ll need these ingredients or similar substitutes to cast the good luck spell.

  • Black cat
  • Carrier oil
  • Sandalwood essential oil
  • Empty perfume bottle
  • Crystals
  • Blue candle for altar
  • White candle for altar
  • Carving knife or small tool

You’re going to make a small alter using a white candle burning at center, decorated beautifully with crystals such as citrine or amber set around it. Add drops of the carrier oil and sandalwood oil to the empty perfume bottle. Shake and rub the mixed oil onto the palm of your hands and rub in. Visualize good luck. Now carefully carve your initials into the blue colored candle using a small knife or makeup tool. Light and hold the burning candle over the alter dripping small drops in a circle around the white center candle.

Visualize the white candle as a beautiful white light that illuminates the crystals around it and enters into your body. As you breathe the positive white light energy will overtake all negative energy. Breathe out and let your negative energy go out of you. Focus on making all of your wishes come true as the candles burn with the black cat in your company. Gently repeat the following good luck love spell.

Candle burning over this lucky black cat
Change my luck so that
I may achieve my true heart’s desire
Powered by this white magic fire.
May this cat bring good luck & true love
And harm none, so be it.

Be sure to relax during the spell and allow the blue candle to burn down past the carved inscription. If you truly believe in good luck this black cat good luck spell should work well.

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