Better romantic relationships

Happiness in love relationships will come when you practice unconditional love.  Once you embrace unconditional love and reach out to a lover or loved one, your relationship will magically improve.  If you are having problems with your lover make sure to step back.  In the midst of a lovers quarrel take a time out.  Let your lover know how much he means to you.  If you let a love know that they are important to you in a tough time it will likely help for a beautiful outcome.

Use Visualization

If you spend too much time obsessing about relationships that aren’t going will then you won’t be able to visualize ones that will go well.  Think about the law of attraction.  Like energy attracts like energy.  If you think positive thoughts then you will attract positive people into your life.  If you think negative thoughts then you’ll attract the haters.  Imagine what a comfortable healthy relationship looks like and keep that picture clear in your mind.  If you’re dating then establish boundaries early on.  Don’t wait until you are in love and inextricably wrapped up.  If someone violates your boundaries of respect and what you expect, move on before investing time. 

Law of attraction

Keep positive and eventually you’ll find what you are looking for.  The law of attraction means positive energies will attract like-minded people.  Incessant complaints and negativity breed more complaints and negativity.  Every day of your life you can decide how you will spend that day of your life.  If you spit out loathing and self pity and anger or bitterness then everyone around you will also be brought down.  If you are angry at your lover it is possible that you are poisening your relationship with your anger.  Take care with the people who love you already as you don’t want to drive them away.  Maybe they are healthy and could be right for you if you change your attitude.

Nurture good relationships

Nurture the relationships that you have.  If you have an unhealthy relationship it can help to step back from it for a while.  However, particularly where family members are concerned, even an unhealthy relationship can be worth working on.  It never hurts to try and make improvements.  Family relationships and good friends will always be there as lovers might come and go.  Therefore don’t forget to maintain your core relationships as you’ll depend on them for years to come.  Also take time to get to know new people.  If you are open to meeting people and getting out and about it is more likely love will come knocking at your door.

Lastly, don’t be a phony.  Some people show up only when they need something or have opportunistic intentions.  Make sure to show up when absolutely no intentions are at play.  Is your friends child graduating or are they having a party?  Do they need your help with moving?  Sometimes you can nurture relationships when you lend a helping hand or give heart to heart with nothing expected in return.  Think about the law of three fold return.  If you do a generous act more than likely generosity will be returned to you in the natural course of things.

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