Beautiful healthy long hair worthy of a gorgeous Witch

Long, lustrous healthy hair is the first sign of a fabulously beautiful witch. Hair growth can be tricky so be sure to get the proper nutritious nutrients as this is as crucial as any witchcraft spell for hair growth.

Make sure to eat plenty of good for you food packed with nutrients. This should include healthy fruits and vegetables. Get plenty of exercise and break a sweat to keep everything circulating properly. Eat nuts, orange and green vegetables, lentils and olive oil. Foods with natural oils will penetrate to the hair. Minimize chemical treatment of the hair and trim it slightly to keep ends healthy. Allow it to grow and visualize it long. You must have patience to grow long hair. Consider taking a multivitamin with biotins and ingredients specific for hair health. Sleep on a satin pillow to avoid breakage and deep condition with hot oil treatment weekly.

For an easy hair growing visualization spell, gather the following ingredients for a hot oil treatment and hair growth spell. The spell will be cast as you take a relaxing hot bath. Close bathroom door to make the room steamy.

  • 3 teaspoons of rose essence oil
  • 1 teaspoon of sandalwood oil
  • 1 teaspoon of jasmine oil
  • 1 cup of hair conditioner
  • 1 hair towel
  • Scented candle and matches

Relax quietly and mix the three ingredients of rose, sandalwood and jasmine oil in a small bowl. Annoint your candle lightly with the oil mixture and let the candle burn as you visualize long lustrous hair. Combine the rest of the mixture in with a hot hair oil treatment or cup of your favorite deep hair conditioner. Apply to hair and wrap hair in a towel while you relax. Chant the spell below nine times. Rinse hair and you should feel refreshed and more determined than ever to grow your hair out long.

Great goddess of the stars, and Queen of the heavenly realms. I call upon you to create natural beauty from within myself. I call upon your wisdom to heal my nutrition and hair enabling it to heal and grow long naturally.

Use a blue or white candle for the spell. An aroma candle will work well for this hair spell. As you relax with your deep conditioning treatment soaking into your hair let the aroma permeate your senses and your hair deeply. Visualize pursuing healthy nutrition for your natural hair growth. Visualize becoming an all natural beauty and avoid temptation to cut your hair off or chemically process it with damaging chemicals.

Repeat the deep treatment every six to eight weeks and measure where your hair is down your back. Avoid harsh hair color treatments, heat tools, hair cuts and chlorine. Use a gentle hair detangle spray and finger de-tangle hair or gently brush with a soft bristle brush. Avoid breakage from combs and sharp bristle brushes. Eat a diet rich in healthy oils such as olive oil. If you must cover grays use a soft non damaging and gentle nonpermanent wash in color or henna. You will definitely want to avoid chemically lightening your hair or stripping its natural color. After six months time you should notice longer, thicker, softer, healthier hair.

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