Are crickets good luck or bad luck?


Wiccan witchcraft lore says that killing a cricket brings bad luck.    Ancient Chinese lore claims that communication with a cricket helps clarity of thought and to sustain morality.  The superstitious consider crickets to be an important component of the universe.  For millions of years, a cricket’s song is said to have provided companionship for humans.

Crickets said to bring good luck

Crickets are said to bring good luck, security and morality.  Crickets are sometimes even utilized by witches during spell cast meditation rituals.  Some witches believe that by placing a box of crickets in the proximity of any human, it will bring good luck, security and morality to those near. Some witches believe that crickets are witnesses for  meditation, spell cast rituals and physical healing. Because they are said to bring good luck, the crickets assume guardianship over their providers.  They protecting a witch and keep her mind free from intruding influence of all dark and evil entities when she casts her spells. 

Crickets song keeps evil away

For centuries ancient Chinese believe that crickets in the house will keep evil at bay (also keep you up at night).  When dark or evil entities are encroacking, it is believed that the crickets act as watchdogs, they notify their presence through sudden silence. Crickets are said to be wonderful fortune tellers.  Try this superstition where you ask a question of the cricket whilst it’s chirping.  If the cricket goes silent, the answer to your question is yes.  If the crickets song continues, the answer you your question is no.

Would you ever put a creature is in captivity for a spell? Personally I wouldn’t trap a cricket in a box but some witches do, trying not to cause them harm.   They make small gaps between their fingers to allow fresh air in and assure no harm will be inflicted to the cricket as they put it inside the box.   They line the bottom of a box with a layer of sand.  You can moisten a wedge of live moss and place it over the sand.  For water add a small clean bottle cap of water.  Crickets also like food scraps such as lettuce, melon, dried oatmeal and raw potato. Make sure to let the crickets go after your spell because killing or injuring a cricket is considered bad luck!

Cricket box

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