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Are you experiencing that energy drained feeling where you are just exhausted and can’t psych yourself up to clean your house much less cast a spell?  Exhaustion makes it hard to be motivated. It makes you lack that get up and go.  And it leads to short patience and frustration.  To get rid of your energy zap, try these simple tricks.

Increase your magnesium.  You need a balanced diet and some magnesium can certainly help.  You can boost your magnesium levels by eating some nuts such as cashews, increasing your whole grains, and eating more fish like halibut.  To give yourself even more of a boost, get onto a quick walk.  Even a 10 minute walk daily for three weeks will increase your energy level and benefit your mood.

Don’t skip breakfast.  When you stick to eating something for breakfast you get a jolt of energy that can last you through the day.  Missing meals can add to fatigue. If you are eating three healthy meals and are still energy zapped, try a 60 minute power nap in the afternoon. Set an alarm though as sleeping all day will keep you up like an insomniac at night.

Reduce stress.  Stress comes from anxiety and we know that anxiety just burns up way to much energy. It’s like fear and panic and it sucks away your energy.  Counteract stress by mediating, casting spells, having a garden, listening to music, or just reading junk novels.  Anything that reduces your tension is going to help and you will find more energy than you had when you were freaking out.

Get your fluids up.  Don’t let yourself get dehydrated because that will leave you feeling tired and lethargic.  Try some water, lemon water, green tea, or other healthy drinks to keep your fluids flowing and your energy up.  Sorry to say but alcohol saps up all your fluids and dehydrate you so avoid it like the plague if you are trying to get your energy back.  Drink bottled water instead, and get a good nights rest.

Cut the sugar.  Sugar gives you a temporary spike in energy but then after that burst its like coming down from a high. You get a rapid drop in your blood sugar and suddenly you go from feeling energy when you ate it to feeling wiped out a few hours afterwards.  The temporary sugar high is not worth the aftermath low.  Healthier foods and whole grains work better because they fill you up and provide a slower and steadier release of energy.

If you are still tired try a power snack between meals.  Fruit, protein, peanut butter, or anything energy boosting should help.  Try something with mild or soy milk in it such as green tea with soy milk or yogurt and fruit with nuts.  Anything dairy will help give you some extra energy and tide you over until your next meal.

If you try all of the above and still can’t get your energy up then its time to get your yearly blood work done.  There could be something at play that has a physical cause and you should get it checked out.  Thyroid problems and even some anemia can make you really tired. You might need to increase certain minerals. 

You can definitely boost your energy by eating a very healthy and clean diet and getting some walking exercise on a regular basis. Try to get a good nights sleep and reduce the stress in your life. Depression and anxiety sap your energy so address these emotional issues by a variety of stress reducing techniques.  Cast spells, gather ingredients, and try to relax most of all. You will be fine!

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