Alabaster skin, natural makeup, and nude shades to enhance your skin tone. Be naturally more beautiful

Natural makeup is back in style for the Wicca goddess.  Put away your costume colors and focus on a natural palette of shades.   Using a hint of makeup to enhance your natural beauty in no way make you superficial.  There is little wrong with looking naturally beautiful and natural makeup shades can help bring your essential beauty out rather than make you look fake.

Nude tones and mineral makeup shades can help protect your skin with SPF and add a hint of natural color to it.  This means you don’t need to get that skin damaging sun tan to add life to your face.  Alabaster skin is in.  Staying out of the sun will work  just as well if not better than any beauty spell you can cast.  Remember to wear sunscreen and an organic moisturizer to keep your skin smooth, fresh and alabaster pure.

To create magical eyes that twinkle without looking phony, you’ll want to choose natural shades that smooth sallow skin, red patches and gray color.  A goddess should invest in a good set of makeup brushes, natural looking mineral foundation, and nude eye shadow colors.   For sensitive skin try makeup such as Physician’s Formula which carries hypoallergenic, non-irritating makeup.

The Physician’s formula shimmer strips custome eye enhancing shadow and liner is perfect to bring out your inner goddess with subtle naturally colored makeup.  Mix and match these shadow colors depending on the look you want.  For witches that shun the sun and have pale pure skin, try the lighter shades depending on your desired look.  A fine tipped makeup brush can be used to dip into the dark gray/black color.  Dot along the lash line carefully to create exotic cat eyes.

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