A goddess Starlight Witch lets her underlying spirit shine through and embraces her outer beauty

Are you afraid to let your inner goddess shine through as a witch because you feel that would be superficial?  It is well known that Wiccan’s shun superficiality however there is no reason not to embrace your beauty.  Your external beauty is merely a vision of your inner spirit.  Don’t be afraid to embrace your beauty and play with your looks.  Experiment with your clothes, accessories, makeup and fashion to best express your inner goddess.  Let your inner beauty shine through.

Have you ever seen the Witch Head Nebula? This eerie looking starlight image shows a very scary witch’s image that literally shines in the dark! The picture shows a witch and she has fixed her gaze on star Rigel, Orion’s bright super giant. This dusty looking cosmic cloud is able to reflect Rigel’s blue light, which gives it the color characteristic of reflection nebula. You don’t have to be scared of this cosmic witch as it is 1,000 light years away.

The Witch Head Nebula, also known as IC2118, is believed to be an ancient supernova remnant or glass clould that is illuminated by the nearly supergiant star Rigel. It’s a spectucular image made famous by Star Shadows Remote Observatory astronomers.  Below is an excerpt about the cosmic spirit, from the famous poet Wordsworth. It’s from William Wordsworth Excursion Book VI.

Wordsworth’s poetry declared not only the joy of being among the beauties of nature but also the very intimate connection between beauty and the cosmic spirit underlying it. If you fear to be a beautiful witch you should not. Many witch’s shun superficiality and beauty but this is so silly. By embracing your natural beauty and playing with your exterior goddess appeal, you’ll merely by allowing your underlying spirit to shine through.

The cosmic Spirit

To every form of being is assigned
An active principle:—howe’er removed
From sense and observation, it subsists
In all things, in all natures: in the stars
Of azure Heaven, the unenduring clouds,
In flower and tree, in every pebbly stone
That paves the brooks, the stationary rocks,
The moving waters and the invisible air.
Whate’er exists hath properties that spread
Beyond itself, communicating good,
A simple blessing, or with evil mixed:
Spirit that knows no insulated spot,
No chasm, no solitude; from link to link
It circulates, the soul of all the worlds.

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