A beautiful chant about the four elements


Visualization is an important part of any Wiccan ritual. Calling upon the elements is an important part of creating the right energy for a ritual or spell. When calling on the elements you can visualize them using their colors green, yellow, red, and blue for Earth, air, fire, and water. 

The elements are called upon and utilized to cleanse and protect an area for magical spell work.  Also, a witch utilizes the four elements to purify the tools and ingredients used in a ritual, with the purpose of removing the negative energy from the items and creating a clean pure space to work in.

Visualize the element as a mist of color coming forward into your sacred area. This creates a protection circle in which you can do spell-work. It can also designate a circle for peaceful meditation. You want to have a purified space with no evil in it. You can use smudge sticks, candles, water and other altar tools to prepare and purify your space, and call upon the four elements.

Magical poem

When you are ready to begin a spell you can chant a magical poem or spell for the invocation of the four elements. This will clear your mind and prepare you for your work much in the same way as meditation. Below is a beautiful poem wherein the four elements are called upon.

The god are walking tonight
I feel the wind of their passing,
I feel the ripples of their crossing,
I feel the tremors of their tread,
In the fire’s heart I see them dance.

Mother Goddess, father God
Caress me with your air,
Cleanse me with your water,
Nourish me with your earth,
Forge me with your fire.

I am your child and to you I aspire.
Be welcome here, guard and hallow
this, my sacred space.

Wicca invoking the four elements

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