3 Tips to happiness


Here are three important tips for a goddess to increase her happiness.  Setting boundaries can be the single most important key to personal happiness.  The odds of stumbling on a genie lamp or creating a spell that works for very are slim so your other option is to choose happiness.  Then, your spells simply enhance the personal choices that you truly believe in.  Follow these tips achieve increasing happiness.

Happiness tip – Don’t get sucked into the madness

People are going to do their best to get you sucked into their madness.  Whether they are co-workers, crazy makers, or ex boyfriends and lovers, they know how to push you buttons.  You need to exhibit strong boundaries so that you do not allow other people’s problems to become your problems.  If you are overwhelmed then simply let other people know that you support them fully but can not take on their problems.  Unless this is a loved one for whom you are responsible of course, you can leave individuals to work on their problems on their own, and simply support them rather than getting sucked in.  Having solid boundaries and not allowing your good nature to be taken advantage of will preserve your emotional energy.  You won’t feel drained and you will have more time to pursue positive interests that enjoy.

Happiness tip – Know your deal breakers

If you have solid boundaries and know exactly what your deal breakers are and stick to them, you will be way happier because you will avert abusive situations that make you unhappy.  Women tend to set boundaries, and then allow men to break them.  For example, if you are dating a man who only texts you and never calls you on the phone, that might be a deal breaker.  But if you like that man, you might start to make excuses for them and rationalize that they simply don’t like talking on the phone and make exceptions for them.  This leads to you getting emotionally abused.

Stick to your deal breakers.  You might miss out on some opportunities but your self-esteem and self-worth and your boundaries will remain in tact.  And these aspects of your personality are what greatly contribute to your own happiness.   If you know what your list of deal breakers is, and you stick to them no matter what, you are going to be way happier.  Not only that, people are going to see that will not tolerate poor behavior.  All of a sudden, they either go away or behave better.  The second you let people get away with your deal breakers is the second your own self-esteem is eroded away.  Don’t be afraid to turn down people and turn away people who are requesting that you tolerate poor behavior.  Follow the three strike rule.  If this person cannot modify their behavior with three chances then revert back to your deal-breakers and break that deal.

Happiness tip – Be more social

Having options is always the key to your freedom, success and happiness.  This means that you always have to put yourself out there and meet people.  It requires finding that balance between your work or family life and your social life.  Make time for friends and if you don’t have any, engage in activities that will bring you new friends.  In order to keep a plethora of friends you can work on putting yourself out there.  If you have acquaintances take that extra step and ask to exchange phone numbers.  The keep in touch with the person periodically and soon you will find yourself being invited to events and meeting even more people.

Have solid social boundaries so that certain people do not become energy vampires or monopolizing all your time.  Let people know when you are busy, over committed or overwhelmed.  If you treat your friends kindly but let them know that you have a full life, they will respect your boundaries.  It’s a tough balance of being kind and inviting while at the same time learning to say no when its too much.  Just remember that popular women who have tons of friends work very hard to achieve that, even if their personality is naturally bubbly.  It takes time and energy to create that type of social life.  You’ll find that the investment will pay off because human interaction makes you feel connected, busy and happier in general.

These three tips to happiness all involve having solid boundaries and self-love.  Do not let somebody else’s crisis become your crisis.  Do not abandon your deal-breaker just because someone is hot or you are infatuated.  Finally, keep your social life going as that makes your life more exciting and interesting.  When people see that you have a lot going for you socially, they tend to want to be a part of it.  Being social also keeps you busy and keeps up your social interactions.  Being a loner can be quite peaceful yet you don’t want to become a lone wolf.  A lone wolf is a lonely wolf.  Don’t be too critical with people and instead see the good in them and enjoy classes or other social activities.  It will make you much happier if you have a few friends to call on a seconds notice for plans.  Friends take work so expect to invest some time into your social life for many happy returns.

Tips to happiness

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