3 Secrets to shiny hair


Shiny, glossy hair is the signature of a goddess and is achievable using some simple strategies of hair care.  This goddess has truly beautiful shiny hair and as you can see it attracts and reflects light.  Her hair looks shimmery and ethereal.  For beautiful shiny hair like a goddess, proper hair care is essential.  Follow these three secret tips to shiny goddess locks.

Wash hair properly

The first secret is to wash your hair properly.  If you have been skipping the use of deep conditioner and hair masks that nourish, get back to that routine and apply once a week.  If possible, avoid over washing hair as daily washing will only dry hair strands out.  Try to wait a few days between washings and in the meantime sleep on a silk pillowcase and loosely tie up longer hair in a bun at night.

When washing, massage the scalp to stimulate.  If time permits rest in a bath so that the conditioner can sit for a few minutes.  Then use the cold water rinse trick.  When you are done with the gentle shampoo and conditioner, rinse with cool water.  The icy aspect of the water will help the  cuticle close up and it prevents frizz too.  Try a cold water rinse and you will notice a difference guaranteed.

Give hair a hot oil treatment

Dry hair does not reflect the light and it does not look vibrant and healthy either.  The key to shiny hair is moisture, moisture, and moisture.  Try to condition with a warm nourishing oil once a week.  The best oils would be olive oil, argon oil, or sweet almond oil.  You can purchase the oils separately and combine a mixture of equal parts, or you can purchase a professional conditioning oil at the beauty supply store and apply.

Apply the oil carefull to your entire hair length, avoiding the roots a little bit to prevent greasy locks.  To seal in the conditioning effect, wrap your hair in a warm towel from the dryer.  After you try the mixture and feel comfortable that it agrees with and is safe for your hair and skin, you can prolong the treatment leave the oil mixture on your hair for an entire hour.

Be careful to rinse out the mixture several times and very thoroughly.  If you get a result that leaves your hair too slimy then you will want to do a light shampoo right after the deep oil treatment to lift out any oil residue.  Make sure to wash hair carefully to get the oil sufficiently out, then condition and rinse in cool water.  As long as you are careful to remove the oil from you hair, your result should be glowing, soft and shiny hair.

Condition hair with hydration ingredients

Your once weekly oil treatments should really soften your hair but what about each time you wash your hair?  You still need to add moisture, moisture, moisture, because shiny hair is always well hydrated.

Look for conditioners that contain moisturizer ingredients.  Additives to look for include keratin, olive oil, honey and wheat germ.  If you can’t find a conditioner on the market you like, try making a homemade mast using ingredients such as honey, eggs and avocado which are big shine boosters.  Leave the mask on for several minutes before washing away.

These tricks should do wonders for making your hair shiny, shiny, shiny.  Remember not to wash hair too frequently.  When you do wash, do a final rinse with cool water.  Deep condition with an oil treatment weekly but just make sure to remove the treatment completely to avoid left over oil residue.  Finally, seek out conditioners with naturally hydration ingredients and even make your own hair masks at home. 

Avoid over processing, harsh hair dyes, and damaging chemical processes to keep hair healthy on the outside.  Eat a healthy diet with lots of natural oils, fruits and vegetables to keep hair healthy from the inside.  You will soon be getting many compliments on your gorgeous goddess hair!

Shiny hair

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