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Ayahuasca, yagé, the truth vine, the madre


I’ve had someone ask me if Wiccan’s are into these trendy spiritual drug rituals with Ayahuasca. The answer to that is no. Wiccans can reach the astral planes that they want to with rituals and meditation and they do not need drugs to do it. But it’s interesting to look at this current and IMO scary trend. Hallucinogenics is not part of Wiccan practice and most Wiccans will use trance work to achieve their spiritual goals which requires no drugs at all.

Ayahuasca, yagé, the truth vine, the madre supposedly gives you a powerful lifetime experience, but Wiccans may want to avoid that drug because it does make you incredibly sick they say, and getting a dangerous concoction of it can be truly dangerous. Interesting to know however that some Veterans travel to Peru to try this stuff and join a growing tourism to go down to the Amazon and take this stuff over the course of weeks with other thirty something vegan yoga spiritual types looking to purge their past psychological trauma.

Every day, hundreds of tourists arrive in Iquitos, Peru. They pay money and fly halfway around the world seeking spiritual catharsis or just to trip their heads off for a vacation. Increasingly often their trip becomes a nightmare, and some of them don’t go home at all if they get a bad Shaman messing up the brew. Any time you flock around the world to try drugs, herbal or not, you are putting your health at risk. It seems more practical to head to the gym, get into healthy eating, and adopt a spiritual religion, perhaps become a Wiccan or any other spiritual type that helps you.

DMT is a powerful psychedelic and it doesn’t even work if swallowed alone, because an enzyme in the gastrointestinal system that breaks it down. Amazonian shamans circumvented that problem of digestion by boiling two plants together – the ayahuasca vine and a DMT-containing shrub called chacruna. The chacruna shuts down the enzyme and allows the DMT to slip through the gut into the bloodstream. You’re still going to get very sick to your stomach though. It’s a chemistry experiment and one that is medically not recommended for anyone.

A Shaman will tell you that this medicine is one of the most powerful non addictive plants that has been used for centuries for medicinal purposes. But know that just because something derives from an all natural plant doesn’t mean it’s safe to use on yourself. Some plants are poisonous! A medical doctor will tell you watch out, because this stuff could potentially exacerbate heart problems and perhaps could even give you a heart attack! I would consider such an adventure truly dangerous especially for women, who could also get physically taken advantage of while on that stuff. There’s no regulation, and it’s simply a strong drug that should not be taken for safety reasons. Is it that important to try something that may be mind-altering and a trip, at the risk of it getting out of hand and hurting you in some way? I think not. I would say that most Wiccans prefer clean living, plants that are nutritious, and being healthy. They steer away from hallucinogenic drugs natural or not. If you had any experience or opinion about this Ayahuasca trend, please comment.